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Darrah Racing and Andrew Luker BRING ON THE BULLS

Keeran Racing was able to negotiate a deal with Darrah racing out of Martinez, Ca. that will put Andrew Luker on a BulTaco during the August 25th Carson City, Nv. race! Steffan Nielsen has been putting up a $1500 purse and just two weeks ago Andrew was able to score big dividends in the Running of the Bulls by bringing home 1st place on Steffan Nielsen’s BulTaco. Andrew is determined to keep the winning streak alive and feels Darrah Racings Bultaco is the machine to get the job done! 

Keeran Racing would also like to wish Donnie Darrah a GREAT BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🏁

Clayton Williams joins Professional ranks, AFT Buffalo Chip TT will be his debut

Clayton Williams from Bakersfield, Ca. turned  sixteen on Saturday July 21 and on Monday July 23rd he was the proud owner of not one license but TWO! Like most high school kids, Clayton passed his California Drivers License Exam with no problem. It’s the second license, the one deeming him a Professional Motorcycle Racer, the license he’s been striving for since the age of 4, the license that allows him to compete in Sturgis, SD at BUFFALO CHIP that  really made his day! It’s a life goal he can CHECK OFF the list. 

On Sunday August 5th Clayton will strap on his steel shoe and climb aboard his Honda 450 with one goal in mind....... WINNING! He will race in front of the largest crowd he’s ever been in front of. He will race against the fastest, most talented riders in the world and when asked how he felt about it Clayton states “I’m going to race them like I race everybody else. They are fast but I know what I can do.” 

Keeran Racing wishes #232 the best of luck this season 🏁

To see a list of preregistered riders Clayton will battle, click the link, change class to SINGLES and take a peek!