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West Coast Invasion 2019 Amateur Nationals

Keeran Racing- Helping you get to Amateur Nationals

We told you last year that 2019 would be different, that we would start raising funds earlier and look.... here we are in August 2018 preparing for Amateur Nationals 2019! 

The most important piece of information you should know is that Keeran Racing wants to hear from you! We want to know how your doing with your racing, how is school going? Basically anything that helps us get to know you better!

Lets cover the basics- 

*Must be under age 18

*May not hold a Pro License

*Must be a West Coast Rider (Ca., Or., Wa.)

*Funds will be distributed on a per family basis not a per rider basis (this is new)

Lets get into some details-

Keeran Racing believes in participation and giving back! New this year, Keeran Racing will take into consider family participation in our fundraising and giving back activities when funds are distributed. We want you to be part of the team and reward you accordingly.

How you can participate

#1) We will be using group email and group text to communicate. Please send the following information for each rider to In the Subject Line please put WEST COAST INVASION- RIDERS NAME or use the google doc link below

Riders Name

Riders Cell Phone

Riders Email

Riders primary mailing address

Riders Bike Number

Riders Bike Make/Brand

Riders Bike size 50/60/85/250/450

Riders Mom's name

Riders Mom's cell number

Riders Mom's email address

Riders Dad's name

Riders Dad's cell number

Riders Dad's email address

What class will you be riding at the Amateur Nationals in 2019?

Are you interested in applying for Amateur National non racing awards like Fast Brain or The Horizon award?

#2) Our First Fundraiser 

West Coast Invasion 2019 Amateur National t-shirt to sell. $25.00 each order online or collect color, size and cash/check and get the information into Keeran Racing. 


We have a lot of fun activities planned that should raise some serious cash! Please spread the word and keep in mind you don't have to be going to Amateur Nationals to participate but you do have to attend Amateur Nationals to collect funds.


Youth Program

How to get involved


Our youth program is for any West Coast youth rider up to age 18 (who has not turned pro). Please keep in mind that Amateur racing does not have an age limit. From time to time Keeran Racing will post opportunities for YOUTH ONLY (under age 18, non pro status) and AMATEUR (all ages non pro ranking). All you need to do is contact Keeran Racing via our contact page and make sure we have you on the list. Also, join our mailing list so you keep up to date on what we are doing. You do not have to be attending Amateur Nationals to participate in the youth program. 



August 1st-December 16th of each year

Fly Racing accepts rider support resumes for the above listed sports only during the listed time period. NOTE: At this time, FLY Racing can only accept rider support requests for U.S. based riders. If you have a current contract with Fly Racing, you must re-apply for support each year. If you are a current Fly sponsored rider, be sure to include your "Rider Support Number" with your new rider support application. For new applicants to be considered for sponsorship, send a resume and cover letter, with all contact information: name, address, phone, email address, to the following address:

Fly Racing
Attention: Amateur Rider Support
601 East Gowen Rd.
Boise, Idaho 83716

Or, send an email to
Subject Line: Amateur Rider Support

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